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Jason Cosman President & Co-Founder

Award-winning mortgage broker specializing in commercial mortgages. Nominated multiple times for the Canadian Mortgage Awards and Top 10 Mortgage Brokers by Canadian Mortgage Professionals. Extensive experience in underwriting and origination. Expertise and care assured. Mortgage brokering, private lending, underwriting, and syndication of commercial mortgages.

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Mark Cosman Senior Vice President & Co-Founder

Mark is a former lawyer who always had an interest in mortgages. His law practice focused on Commercial Real Estate transactions. He represented major clientele such as the Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association, and many major developers and private purchasers. He started syndicating mortgages in the 1980s and has made it his occupation since 2017.

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John Cochrane Vice President of Commercial Origination

John has been working in Commercial Mortgages for over 20 years. After working for GE Real Estate and Harbour Mortgage in Commercial mortgage origination, John branched out to work as Director of Commercial Mortgage Development for one of Dominion Lending Centers' largest offices for the last 8 years, at which point he made the move back to the lending side to join Cosman Mortgage in Loan Origination. John also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University.

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Konstantin Polyakov Mortgage Underwriter

With over a decade of experience in sales, customer service, credit & lending, Konstantin and his underwriting team at Pocket Mortgage provide an in-depth analysis of the mortgage opportunities for CMCC. He is responsible for ensuring that all projects completed by CMCC have been analyzed for their equity component and their ability to pay the monthly payments and repayment of principal at the end of the mortgage term. Konstantin is the Principal Broker of Pocket Mortgage and Owner of Re-Establishing Credit Inc.

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Ana Carolina Assis Executive Office Manager and Mortgage Administrator

Ana works as our Office manager. She is there as our backbone and support for the whole company. She understands every aspect of the business, from everyday operations to mortgages.